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Conrad Rodriguez

Conrad was born and raised from Mesa, Arizona. He started breaking when he was 5 years old, but didn't start taking it serious until the age of 16, but was taking skateboarding seriously in-between that time. His first jam (Criminal Damage) was in 2009 in Phoenix where he experienced all 4 elements in one jam. That made him strive more to learn about the Hip Hop culture. Conrad got noticed by bBBoy House at a jam, The Wome, in 2011 and that's when everything changed for him. He started training with Future Styles Crew and 9 months later he became a member of the Furious Styles Crew. Conrad has traveled most of America and overseas during the time he was touring with The World Famous Harlem Globe Trotters! Now that Conrad is off tour and back home, he continues to train and stay ready for upcoming competitions. Conrad is open to questions and is very friendly, so if you would like to know more about him, just ask... 

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